It’s nearly midnight, oh yes. The twitter feed is full of idiotic philosophy, business stuff and endless loops of book adverts. Someone posts something about vagina’s and I see a picture that makes me titter I can’t help it. Be professional they said. Do a twitter feed and keep it on topic for the sake … More #Mental


I recall back when the last three star wars films came to the big screen and how upon viewing each one at the cinema that even though I enjoyed them, there were plenty of people who moaned about Ja Ja Binks or the new kid who played Anakin Skywalker. Even Ewan Mcgregor got a shafting … More STAR WARS


News of and Alien 5 and Prometheus 2 are upon the distant project waves as a continuation of the franchise. As I write this my washing machine is making a noise as though a thousand souls are trying to escape, ha, the meaning of life and when the annunaki turn out to be err… us. … More PROMETHEUS


Kings hand be-headings, to cut throat weddings. Shot on the loo and a shoulder with poo, for a sci fi fan above anything else I do like a bit of sword and sorcery for a change. The big picture though is what I find fascinating. I got told off the other day because one of … More GAME OF THRONES