I read some reviews recently from other books of people I know. You can’t please everyone right. One common gripe is that something is too unbelievable or idiotic, perhaps even childish or stupid, not written well etc etc. One thing I stand firmly behind with the first book is that it can be complicated and at times may alienate an audience. Three prologues and very little spoon feeding lead into the main course where it all begins. It has already been observed by some when they first read the book that it becomes a little confusing as there are three timelines that tell three unresolved aspects of this universe. But hold on a moment, be patient. When it all comes together and you were paying attention you might go ah I see. You may have different questions and might wonder what might happen next. Then again you might have started thinking about sandwiches.

Version was re-written three times over the same number of years. This might be because of the way in which it was dreamt up. Music plays a big part of how the bones of the book were imagined and for those authors who get writers block try listening to the right genre and day dream scenarios or whatever….More on that subject another time. So the first book was called something else and it probably had the synopsis that read Van Damme goes into space to fight flying dolphins. What happened through age and becoming more cynical was a story far darker in tone and with less of an 80’s action man feel (possibly). I could say version is about huge corporations taking over, but you read that before. I could say it is about genetic modifications, guns, violence and action…it does have that, but hardly ever is there a valid and rewarding point to it; the context of violence is not always what it seems. It has mystery and it has the unknown yet for me it is about an odd culture of corporations that do both good and bad and about the people caught at the bottom or in the middle.

Where are we going in regards to genetics? Ecology in the face of global warming? How alienated and distracted will we become through social media if in fact you were permanently hooked up via your brain? Alienated individuals with their own issues walk the beautiful and contrived landscape of Version. Some of their secrets and agendas and are part of a much bigger plan. Suspicion of hegemony and an ignorance of something so vast and unbelievable that it got missed altogether. Version as a book does not fill in all the characters in one sitting and only hints at who they are. Version of events, version of a personality and version of oneself depending on where they are and what their environment brings. Someone recently said they thought it was profound. Another said with some cynicism that it was just how it is now just the setting got changed. VERSION: Bleakness and brutality in the garden of Eden. Dystopia of the mind not the forest.

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