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I just read about the topic of music on fellow blogger Nail your Novel. It was an interesting revelation that others use music to visualise and to obtain the right mood for writing. However, I will go one step further and say that it is even part of my planning. So you do the logistics, make notes of terms for technology or street names or distances between A & F to make sure everything is plausible. You may have a post it board or A4 scribbles to mark out the finer details. You might have even written a profile of your character as though you were a member of the FBI trying to pick apart the finer points.

One thing is for sure, if you can visualise and become engrossed via the music you choose then scenario’s, scenes, landscapes, themes and activities come flowing in. I used to imagine and still some times imagine the song titles and images that would accompany a film of version…why not, it would (without being too biased) make a good film. I remember listening to the band Hybrid and their album Sci Fi Morning with the song true to form. Now I can’t expect anyone to read version, listen to that song and say oh I see what the influence is. There were other songs too of course that helped shape the landscape in my mind with some accuracy. But it isn’t just the playing out of images as a montage with a song at the beginning of a movie in my head that is the real importance here…That just builds me up for a good writing session filled with clarity to write for maybe several hours straight. Along the way of a mammoth writing session I will stand up, walk around for several minutes and pop the headphones on. Recently for example I listened to Zero G Projection with the track Dynamism. It isn’t the usual fair and can be found on youtube easily enough. This was the track for the opening chapter Monster in Prospect Earth. Everything that happened in that chapter was done to the beat of that song. Listen, stop and then write.

I personally cannot listen to music and write. Odd considering. I listen or I write and that’s it. If music is on in the background I cannot here it while typing,,simple. The music for me is an intense device for concentration and inspiration. That does not mean that I do not have to check my facts or do my logistics, research and note down certain aspects of the narrative. I still plan and I still find myself pouring over maps…None of it shows in the end at times however as even on completion of several physics books on time or mass or whatever; you just learn in order to be fluent enough not to talk utter nonsense.

I shall do a track listing for the first two books and see if anyone has heard of or even likes the tracks. You may not look, you may not enjoy, but it might give an impression of the tone in my head while typing away. most are on youtube so happy listening.


True to form By Hybrid Sci fi morning album

My Jesus by Gary Numan Pure album

Sun  John Lydon Public Image Lmtd

Darkness Descending By Grip Inc.

How soon is now by the smiths…Everyone knows this song.

Conflict by Disturbed the Sickness album

Throw me away by Korn See You on the other side album


Three little Piggy’s by Sasha Involver 2 album

Dynamism by Zero G projection

Open up By Korn  See you on the other side album

Flesh -Sasha mix on Involver 2 Album

Push the limits including opening track by Enigma – The mask behind the mirror album

More Human than Human -Rob Zombie.

Empire by Hybrid – Disappear here album

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