Does Richard Branson Own the Earth’s Core?

Ho Ho Ho. Base reality versus the idiotic notion of human kinds dominion over our very own oxygen tent habitat. It’s all just a matter of time. Given enough of it the tectonic plates will slide your humble abode into the mantle from whence it came. 5 BILLION YEARS FOR LIFE ON EARTH?! I wouldn’t worry about being around to witness the fire grave of perhaps that lovely cul-de-sac. I think the sun might have gone super nova or you might possibly of passed away. Now I’m thinking of which would be first. Tectonic shift engulfing the UK or Super nova? Reminds me of a mathematical problem I had at school as a three year old…is the answer plaster cine?

BioReadable: Literature and the Environmental Crisis

Now, in the opening of Ruth Ozeki’s novel All Over Creation , there appears a series of words in a certain order that renders them one of those things we call sentences, and it goes like this:

“But for one quick blip in the 5 billion years of life on this earth, that three thousand acres of potato-producing topsoil and debatably the slender cone of the planet that burned below, right down to the rigid center of its core, belonged to my father Lloyd Fuller.”

Why is this the opening of a blog post? Why indeed. But another, perhaps, perhaps, better question to ask, is whether people actually own the land below their houses. And what about the sky above? I’m sure legally the answer is no, par example, you couldn’t just dig a giant hole under your house, the planning permission would be outrageous, and you could find dinosaur bones which might…

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