Nature, and Humanities Grounds for Divorce

There appears to be a few articles considering human interaction with nature whereby it is quite the fruitful and thoughtful topic. But what do we mean by nature? The world is a shifting place and even human beings differ in appearance due to environmental factors. White? you were cut off from the south during the last Ice age and needed to absorb vitamin D from the weak sun. We are never away from the influence of our planet and it set up. But back to it. The reason we conquer nature as such is to stay warm, dry and safe from predators that are just fitter and stronger most of the time. Farming for food in order to avoid hunger by chancing it on nature. Green is the colour that relaxes us. The sun in the summer replenishes us. Living in the Amazon Jungle without our remote control and essential creature comforts…expect to live until your thirties max.

BioReadable: Literature and the Environmental Crisis

In Betty and Theodore Roszak’s essay ‘Deep Form in Art and Nature’ they discuss what they call “the crisis of the modern world”: that we, as a species have become disengaged with nature to such an extent that we no longer feel a part of it. The fact that we no longer consider ourselves part of the natural world is a shocking one. Of course, biologically this is untrue. We are essentially intelligent apes who are extremely adept at manipulating our habitat to suit our own needs. But on a social and by association, mental state, we are not one with the natural world.
There is no telling how far back the beginnings of our estrangement from nature can be traced, but for me a good example can be seen in the poetry of Alexander Pope. Pope’s ‘Epistle IV, to Richard Boyle, Earl of Burlington’, is overtly critical of the…

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