Black Hole Emits ‘Fierce Winds’ That Prevent New Stars Forming

Quasars and time warps. Evaporating singularities. Nothing quite so strange.


Researchers say that new data from a black hole 2 billion light years away indicate that it emits powerful winds in all directions that help to regulate its growth as well as the growth of the galaxy around it.

The research, based on observations from a NASA and a European Space Agency space telescope, was published in the latest issue of the journal Science. NASA released an artist’s conception of the radiation and winds emitted by a black hole.

The study found that the black hole, labelled PDS 456, sustains winds blowing up to a third the speed of light that carry more energy per second than the amount emitted by a trillion suns. These winds, produced as the black hole sucks in matter, push gas outward and thereby help restrict both the growth of the black hole and the formation of stars in the galaxy.

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3 thoughts on “Black Hole Emits ‘Fierce Winds’ That Prevent New Stars Forming

    1. Yes that is stupefying, then again, as much as cosmology gives us a brain twonk so does watching the human race. I once saw a Youtube clip of inside the living cell. A sort of animation of all the components that move and seem animated of their own will. More information in a living human cell than a galaxy. That’s crackers to think about…

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      1. The mysteries of life are truly amazing.

        If we tie this in with cryogenics, Imagine if we had the ability to extend human life hundreds or even thousands of years. The potential for learning would be incredible. I can’t help think it would lead to some amazing evolutionary advances.

        Of course the biggest issue would again be the one you mentioned. Who has access to this technology? If it is tightly controlled and limited to the aristocracy, we would quickly see the emergence of two separate races.

        Perhaps some technology would be better left to a more enlightened human race living in the hopefully not too distant future.

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