Cryonics – Life after death?

A long standing concept and eventuality in science and fiction alike. Whose the frozen head in the can? Oh he used to be a king.
Err, yes the magic Kingdom…Walt Disney.
Send my frozen head off into the stars so that I might after a billion years I might reach the edge of the Galaxy…



When you die, what will happen to your body? Have you informed your closest family of your personal decision? Do you want to be cremated? Or do you want to be buried? Have you told them where?

What if  I told that you didn’t have to be dead forever, that your death was only a temporary state, that you could be stored upside down in a metal container in liquid nitrogen with your blood replaced by chemicals at -196 degrees for a thousand years, and then be bought back to life again. You’d think I was crazy right? Or perhaps you’d think I was reciting a scene from an Austin powers movie?

Over a thousand people around the world have signed up to be stored like this when they pass, hoping to one day be resurrected once medical science has advanced. The practice known as Cryonics is widely controversial, breaking…

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