So I was thinking about the inns and outs of the third novel and while doing the general thinking on say the organisation of the CIA or US government or I don’t know, who actually runs the world and how, I stumbled upon the new world order. Now anyone who doesn’t do conspiracy, me being one of them for instance, had heard of this sort of concept and yet thought little or nothing of it. Let me explain in simple terms what those for or against the NWO are saying. As in a miss world beauty competition when the said female of beauty states ‘I want world peace’ there is a set of beliefs out there that those in power, yes they who actually go into an important meeting and work things out rather than spend most of their time looking for the tea and biscuits or messing about on face book, actually rule the world. So keeping it simple then, and for those who have watched certain presidents such as the Bush or Clinton speeches have heard them say about the new world order. One nation, one religion, one currency for the whole world and so on. Sounds good to me.

stop-the-new-world-order th (19)

Now placing pictures in a blog doesn’t mean that I’m about to start warning the world about the dangers of a one world totalitarian fascist government. I mean what the hell do I know right? It only became really interesting of late when as I said I began thinking about the world for my third sci fi book. It doesn’t exist yet, or rather it isn’t complete in its ideological stance or even sets of moralistic metaphors; yes I tend to think about the moral tale at the end. Sort of like in He Man and the masters of the Universe from the 80’s. ‘Hey kids’ He man would say ‘remember now that flying drones over countries and firing missiles at helpless farmers and denying all involvement even though the missile’s wrecked remains have serial numbers that clearly show it came from your country… well he never said that, but it was close enough. I remember at least one episode where he said ‘don’t snort cocaine or start going on the rob to feed the habit because we all know what happened to Orko. Does any one know what I am talking about by this point?

He-Man Artth (20)

So, where am I going with this you may ask. In my mind it was becoming a long fraught process to how complicated or simplistic a narrative could be. And so I started watching certain Youtube documentaries to find out what exactly do some parties believe to be the order of things regarding our past and future (I could have just read some factual history books you might be thinking), and yet soon enough I was finding the likes of Jim Marrs, again I was back in the range of the NWO. Mr Marrs was not happy about any of it at all. Ancient alien conspiracies, the Masons and onto the federal reserve and other powerful elites such as the Rothschild family etc. Now your’e trying to scout about for how things really work and then translate things into fiction. Hard Sci Fi as much as possible for example. But when searching around, the world narrative in reality seems to become less streamlined and far more out of control than anticipated. I’m guessing that choices have to be made, things have to be simplified and falling into the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories doesn’t really help. But wait. I saw the sequel to Captain America and began to wonder why such an idea as the NWO was being hijacked in the way it was; sort of not being up on such an idea and then suddenly there’s a video game from the Wolfenstein franchise and again in a marvel comic movie depiction. No I am not going to go all spooky. Some things are just up there as a topic to tap into or maybe it’s a bit like being pregnant and seeing babies every where; the mind was just tapped in to it all at the same time.

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So let us go through the plot of Winter soldier specifically. This and that happens where the whatever her name is played by Scarlett Johansson is going for the files, always with the files! On board a ship that’s been captured by pirates or who ever. This eventually leads to Mr Rogers (Captain America) talking to the Samuel L Jackson character Nick Fury (I’m not sure if he has a rank) maybe it should be General fury. Turns out that three great flying gun ships have been given the capacity to not only go invisible but also shoot a billion people within I don’t know, a thousand mile radius in thirty minutes (I was reaching for the snacks at that bit) Pretty deadly machinery. Rogers says ‘I’m not happy about that I tell thee’ and Fury says something like ‘I can think of a few thousand I’d like to see brown bread’ A disagreement has developed. Fury is then attacked by pretend police officers in one great movie moment as they try to break into his vehicle with a battering ram. The real police? the computer only says that there are no known police in the vicinity. I’m going to cut out about eight paragraphs here and just say that this is the point we learn that all is not well and that some sinister force has taken over the SHIELD organisation to instigate a plan for a new world order.

It then transpires that Hydra survived the war. Enough now because the rest just involves more property damage porn and some great highway shoot out scene which tops all the other marvel movies in my humble opinion. But what is interesting is that since the likes of Clinton or Bush or even Rothschild and whoever else has said about a new world order, it appears that there are plenty of those out there that see such an idea as dangerous. But what exactly does this mean in terms of narrative in fiction if your’e trying to keep it as real as possible in terms of err hegemony or ideological systems of power?

th (23) th (24)

All this it has to be said in the scheme of things is a bit of a dilemma or is it just that I had other ideas that ran away with themselves prior to scouting around for the goods. The thing is, I mentioned some of my earlier childhood favourites in other blogs where the likes of the military science fictions all had world alliances. How they worked was pretty vague, but none the less pretty ideal. Babylon 5 had a world president and even in Halo the video game (I’m weird because I read the books mainly) actually that is a lie, I once played the first halo for so many hours that I had enough food collected on my t-shirt to make an entirely new meal. Ah, Youth! But they had a world alliance. The UNSC I think it was called. Oh no the conflicting ideas. If you have a world alliance where all the countries are under one government and one president you get some sort of president that’s proclaimed to be the anti Christ, Orwellian state fascist system potentially. If you don’t unite the world you usually in sci fi get this U.S. Russian/China thing going on. At the very least you get a world that is too fragmented and at odds to fight an alien invasion for example.


So it all becomes a bit of a rum do in a writers head. Weighing up how things actually work, how people might think something works and how it fits into the universe being created for fiction. Make it completely stupid and it becomes a joke. Make it too realistic and suddenly it’s a complex running commentary on politics and the audience is wondering where the laser guns went. Hint at and let the audience fill in what they perceive or know. It appears to be the only solution. Exposition! I did write briefly about the conversations I had with friends of mine regarding such a thing. So you’re watching a film and two people start a conversation but then suddenly they are in the car finishing said conversation. How many people do you know start to chat. Hold the conversation and then decide to complete it after walking five minutes to the car and then waiting until well under way to complete the sentence they started half an hour ago! Crazy movie conventions and also written conventions. How many jokes are now in films because the villain reveals all at the end. It’s a bit like when I tried to start my first book  and made a mental note of all the usual that was going on. Do I go into every inn and out of everything? One review of Version for example said that the book was laced with speculation. Well yes, it sort of tries to work on the principle of what a reader recognises in terms of good or bad rather than spoon feed the universe in massive stall points of exposition. Is there sound in space? No, but we all like laser fire and explosions. How many industrial dark cities have come since blade runner or how many steam punk futures are we going to delve into. How many white coloured ships are going to be used in order for us to see said space ship against the blackness of space? We know what we like and creators of fiction rarely deviate. I see property damage porn aplenty with the new age of CGI cinema and wonder what exactly are we trying to say here.

Of course I talk about cinema more than books as I really don’t want to start flinging mud whilst in the pit, but it kind of works in terms of looking at the link between ideas and selecting which ones fit the universe being contrived.

th (25)

So what else? I like information gathering, or rather I like to watch documentaries or read factual books. Oddly enough, reality helps fiction rather than reading others fiction and just pinching ideas (heaven forbid). So at certain points you scout around and end up treading within the realm of a certain idea over and over again; sort of unable to avoid a certain trend. If for example you had been working out the fundamentals of the NWO and end up watching something on say obesity, you suddenly come full circle into the world of the fascist wrong doers i.e the sugar indusrty (corporate world again) and how they pretty much ruin most of the cheap food out there by filling it to the brim with sugar. Then not only is that terribly bad for you, you then get a documentary that states that sugar is pretty much like adding fuel to the fire of cancer cells. Now I am not going to talk with any authority here on this subject and nor do I have the expertise or right to say any of this is scientifically proven. Sort of like when I was around ten years old and the family had a guinea pig that had a walker ball. You know the ones. The little beast wanders around the house inside a transparent ball trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Make it fun I thought. Lets spin it around and around and see how it reacts. ‘Stop’ my sister pleaded. ‘You’ll kill it’ How do you know that I scoffed. ‘It’s been scientifically proven’ she said.

Well the world is full of such claims and so I take all information as what it is. Neither true or false until it becomes proven; well hopefully I do, I might be talking nonsense there at times like we all do. But two documentaries become what they call inter-textual. One says sugar makes you fat and the other states that if you have cancer that you should avoid processed sugar and other such foods because cancer is anaerobic and feeds off sugar. Always food for thought or something to consider. How does this link in with the new world order conspiracy of negativity for ideas for writing? Suddenly you get a doctor or someone where at the bottom of the t.v. screen says he’s got a PHD in cell biology or chemistry who says something like. ‘Well, you know, I go into radio therapy clinics and they have candy and soda drinks for free on the side and the doctors there know about sugar. So not only are you reducing the already compromised immune system which was broke allowing for there to be the cancer in the first place you also add fuel to the fire with sugar’

Hmm. I was thinking. Especially when the said person then said ‘It’s like a hidden holocaust’ Why am I seeing a pattern that links in to where one of the said mandates of a new world order suggests they want a lower world population. Again, I am not looking to side with any opinions here. Adults usually or should just asses the information and stay away from the soap box until having considered some sort of plausibility. Or in my case, try to refrain from having been primed to look out for this kind of thing and not letting the material sway me into suddenly taking some massive ideological stance.

th (26)

I remember reading a review for a book where a reader just hated it. One thing that stuck in my mind was that the writer got slated for the characters in said story climbing down a tree that grew upside down underground. ‘How does a tree live and grow without sunlight!’ the reviewer complained as one of many complaints about the book. The only reason this was so bad was because the story was based in the real world and not middle earth for example. So really what this blog was about is trying to assess what is relevant, realistic and fitting for the tone of the fiction being created. Is there a point to the book? is it grounded where the fantastical elements are met with acceptance because the rest of the reality is true to form. So my spring journey into considering my third outing involved a bit of research as such and left me feeling a bit open to many possibilities regarding a few elements.

This blog could go on forever regarding this material. In Captain America we see a simple use of the NWO so that all seems to be resolved with the death of three flying war ships. But when you look at the state of affairs on Earth in reality it is obviously far more complicated. Are the politicians really in charge? And why is it that when plenty of documentaries I have seen seem to cover similar grounds that whether there is a pending NWO or not, the glove appears to fit quite nicely. Take two more documentaries I viewed recently. One was about the U.S prison system and the other about GM crops. Made by American citizens therefore excluding me from commenting on a country that I do not live in or know much about in terms of real culture; I do not wish to pass comment or criticize in any way. What appeared to be said was that the drug laws of America were set up in order to automatically put people away pretty much forever, if not most of their lives. Why? The conclusion of this was in order to take as many of the poorest off the streets as an easy solution to, well that too is complicated yet appears especially racist and fascist according to the documentary. With the GM crops documentary we see that most Americans are not aware of the state of their farming industry. Seeds created so that they are a one off that do not produce seeds and therefore the farmers have to purchase new every season. On and on it went regarding how a large proportion of the industry was run by the few and how ownership of nature by large corporations was taking hold. This doesn’t take into account the long term dangers of eating something that has been genetically modified. Either no one knows or it remains off the books; a bit dangerous to feed a population without thorough testing I thought. Regardless of this the pattern remains quite strong in terms of considering the loss of freedom and the emergence of a world glazed over with mis-information.

Well that’s it for now. Just a brief stab into big territory that I may expand upon later.  Write what you know they said. Well I thought, I had better start filling the conversion box inside my skull with more than just Steven Segal repeats from my ultimate eight movie box set. And at least once a month I wonder why they put the movie executive decision in there when Steve dies at the beginning for Kurt Russel to take over. Is there a Kurt Russel box set? If there is I might get it…

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