Kings hand be-headings, to cut throat weddings. Shot on the loo and a shoulder with poo, for a sci fi fan above anything else I do like a bit of sword and sorcery for a change. The big picture though is what I find fascinating.

I got told off the other day because one of my friends got to discussing politics which naturally turned into talking about Dragons. Good God, why are grown men talking about Dragons!

The main reason is because of game of thrones. What starts out as political power play and continues, eventually turns into the realm of faith. Not been watching? Well by the latest season of this slow burning saga we get more into the realm of religion as we go. The politics and blood spilling are still there, but we are well on our way with the supernatural or metaphysical.

How did I get into bother. Apparently I let lose the whole legendary side of the show and due to said friend being one season behind claimed that he hadn’t known about said ancient history. funny-Game-of-Thrones-characters-cast

It is in fact the absurd nature of human beings to actually forget the official crises of the white walkers in the first place I said. Eh? came the reply.

Lets go over this quickly. 8,000 years prior to the events taking place now, a deep winter came to what very much looks like the isle of Britain and some wizards or whatever made of ice, I think, came down from the north. They brought with them the ability to raise an army of corpses along with giant spiders and what not. Time passes and as it says in Lord of the rings, history becomes myth and myth becomes legend or is it legend becomes myth? Anyway due to loss of records or memory etc, another recent chapter in the history of the Iron throne is that there is no concern for killing the family that rules the land who control dragons. ‘Ironic that they killed all the dragons and the family that controlled them’ I said ‘Seen as they need Dragon’s to kill the whitewalkers’   ‘What?’ my friend said ‘I didn’t know that was going to happen’


‘Oh come on’ I said ‘The fact that the main theme is that of ice and fire’ But apart from the obvious regarding who is eventually going to go up against who in the end, I noticed this sort of head in the sand scenario going on in the show. I mean everyone in the show are going to look a set of twats when the white walkers finally head south and everyone was too busy feuding to do anything. A metaphor for reality? Whether it be global warming, or aliens landing or it could be the Nephilim turning up and the four horsemen sat on top of a cliff top looking down upon your village as it got murdered. Oh I’m getting the show and reality mixed up. But the realm of religion and belief that appears absurd to some of those in power in game of thrones do appear to exist, thus everyone who is busy scheming and manoeuvring for power are very likely to all become either barbecued or a cast member of the walking dead. But the main point is that no one is really doing anything. Cersei Lannister didn’t bargain on the high sparrow double cross, and I wonder how the scheming idiots, either of them, are betting on what happened turning out good for either of them. I mean, either there’s hell to pay and the religious group get wiped out, yet even more interesting and what should happen in a coup de ta. A bit like the French revolution where the mob just storm the palace; and why not when considering that all anyone ever does when they scheme and murder etc is make themselves weaker. How many Stark’s are left? How many Lannister’s or how many Baratheon’s, By the time the Dragon queen arrives she’ll be scratching her head wondering where everyone in power went. The numbers are starting to dwindle indeed.

Now I am on the fence with religion either way. On the one hand its against the grain of anyone who seeks proof of a thing. On the other hand if the rapture does occur I think most atheists will have to eat their own underwear; but this isn’t about reality as such and so what about the show?


You knew when watching that witch as she asks the (so called rightful king) from house Baratheon to burn those opposed to her religion of the light, we just thought, yea, religion eh, perhaps. When she gave birth to a demon it was probably the first time I considered the frugal use of such elements to have misled me into thinking this show was about something else. Religion in a show like this, or beliefs in myths then are not to be taken with a pinch of salt. Even in the many faces church the young Stark girl went blind and now there’s talk of the Melisandre woman having the ability to resurrect John Snow. In fact the crap has literally hit the fan with what happened to the idealist bastard son of Stark. Trouble in the south and now major trouble at the north. How exactly are fifty or so men of the wall going to handle all the wildlings without a smart ambassador. It seems so utterly stupid and I’ll bet that even if you wanted the character to survive for many reasons such as his curly whipspy locks and pout, there’s going to be the ‘shot self in both feet’ issue coming. Just as the queen mother Lannister caused her self a mischief so now have the men of the watch; they’re going to cease to exist I imagine and soon. How could I tell this? Well some things are obvious, like knowing even before Daenerys Targaryen got on the dragon that it would probably fly off at random and drop the poor girl in the middle of nowhere. I actually joked that one to the Mrs and then a week later in the final it actually happened.

Religions then are split into a kind of emphasis of ideals. All back stabbing and where the odd event makes them seem authentic but gets an army killed, or the completely idealogical kind with no magic tricks that get a woman whipped and stripped to walk the streets in shame; I can’t wait to see the repercussions of that fiasco! The youngest Stark girl losing her eyesight for breaking the rules is also a strange one. What kind of religion condones killing? That was an ironic statement.

Either way, High Sparrow built his beliefs on moral behaviour and brutal punishment for the likes of incest. Many faces depict that one throws away identity and the lord of the light just expects the more literal term of sacrifice and blind faith. Yet none of these appear to have the power to stop an army of the dead and serve only to distract or destroy from within.

I’m thinking that these are the driving forces for change within the story, a sort of fate that many of the characters is either dismissive of, which many are, or have their time filled with chopping off dicks or crushing skulls or shooting people on toilets or shooting fair maidens in the woods or slicing throats at weddings. Hmmm, I don’t think there’s been time for any talk of wizards made of ice descending upon the country. I can imagine the Lannisters receiving word from the wall which says frosty wizards are upon us. Men of the wall! Idiots.

CF-DYtJWEAAxKyU  Fucked up Frodo needs to die painfully I feel.

There are long stretches where you forget about a woman giving birth to a demon or dragons or white walkers. This is probably due to all the other bits of more intrigue such as watching evil Frodo bugger his new wife or a dwarf murder his girlfriend or a father burn his daughter at the stake. I’m beginning to wonder what the hell I’m watching. This isn’t quite the fantasy genre I remember as a child. Add swearing sex and violence with such gusto and we suddenly have a tone where having a dragon or a creature made of ice who can raise the dead seem extraordinarily adult. The look upon Tyrian’s face when he sees a dragon is priceless as it should be. A man of critical thought and one of our favourites who sees sense much of the time having to contend with legends being true is quite a leap. But the tropes in place do lend themselves to seeing some unexpected turns and again back to religion.


The queen mother uses a religious cult in order to imprison her sons wife and brother seemed a clever move, if in fact you want to risk falling out with the hegemony that supplies your kingdom with food and other essentials.  Usual crazy fare in this universe, but it does seem that the good get punished and killed and the dubious doers get equal rights in such a world. Having the appointed cult put you in the dungeon for incest is quite the irony if not brilliant in terms of twists. So far has the kingdom sank since the man who actually used to live in my village got shot during a swine hunt. But death is a common occurrence and we all knew from the off that Sean Bean was going to die because he’s died in 99.9% of everything else he’s been in. So it’s always fifty fifty with the likes of the queen mother and why were we so shocked with Snow?. But a bitch among the rest who are cut from the same ilk is hardly cause to cheer when we are all waiting for the cock snatcher dirty hobbit aka Ramsay to be offed in a major and cruel way. They did it to that little shit king Joffrey with poison, but I would have preferred to see his skull crushed instead of the slimy Spaniard from Dorne.


So what can you take from season five. Daenerys Targaryen is a jammy woman who’ll end up with a bigger army with those Dothraki riders or whoever no doubt. Kings Landing might end up with a temporary riot which weakens the Lannister’s position further. The Men on the North wall are about to be wiped out for being stupid and hopefully Ramsay will get an ice shaft up his exit hole to take that smirk off his face. Speculations aside, the show is kind of damning when considering how those who rule tend to do nothing in the face of imminent danger. After all, the information is there for anyone who might want to save the day to take some dragon glass, gather that Valerian steel or whatever and start preparing. Unite and live or feud and get everyone killed. Yes, that sounds about right when concerning the big picture. I guess really it’s the story about the end of an empire. Apathetic, corrupt, broke and penniless by the end as they always are. The show isn’t saying politics is wrong or that religion is wrong. All it ever seems to be saying is that such things whether ideal, real or contrived, that as they stand, serve no positive purpose against another kind of danger, i.e. the coming winter.

Either way I have other things to watch like Penny Dreadful or Banshee; my nights are set.

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