It’s nearly midnight, oh yes. The twitter feed is full of idiotic philosophy, business stuff and endless loops of book adverts. Someone posts something about vagina’s and I see a picture that makes me titter

I can’t help it. Be professional they said. Do a twitter feed and keep it on topic for the sake of being an author. But my books are dark and serious and complicated and possibly poignant. I get distracted and look for the poo jokes. Someone tweets something about crotchless pants and what the lady wearing them does next. What the hell is wrong with my feed? A frequent question I ask myself. On facebook it’s even more difficult to understand. The loops are even more minute and specific. Can I go into detail. A woman’s group from the village are firing insults at someone for wearing something that’s wrong. What’s wrong? The wrong dress? the wrong trousers?

Another guy on facebook is on the jagged edge again. Suicide is imminent or his marriage is over. The next thing he’s posting how much he loves his wife and how they made it. Will he read this? The blog is attached to his timeline bi-proxy. Sorry man. I’m glad you made it…really.

Someone else posts about immigration. Vote yes to walk them dirty European types off the nearest pier. The main difference in seeing such a thing is that I write such things into the narratives in my books. The ludicrousness of such right wing thoughts and how I know that’s what they want us to think folks. Who are they?! I don’t know. It’s certainly not the woman who writes her status on fb that she just put the washing out or let out a gust when she bent over. Mopped the floor did you. Peel the potato’s did you? Flay the cat did you. No no that’s not right. The woman who frequents my time line on fb doesn’t use words like flay.

Slogans. Marilyn Manson said to keep your stupid slogans. In the UK most of us don’t like them. We are suspicious like that you see. ‘Be strong, be fearless, be you’ I think I just saw about five minutes ago. I’m flitting from window to window and scratching my head. What the hell does that sentence mean? Is anyone gaining from being told to be you? Fearless? Strong? In what context. The next feed is a porn picture. What the hell is wrong with my news feed! In my novels I have people with neural implants that project anything from such networks into their vision. In some countries out there, information is restricted. What they haven’t learned yet, these fascist leader types, is that people always want what they can’t have. Better to overload the population with useless mind rotting information. ‘Will that bit of philosophy help me buy a cheese burger?!’ I’m quoting the Insane Clown Posse there, to an extent.

But I realise my blogs can’t get to a point. The one on star wars was about how the prequels were actually smarter than the first three due to adding some interesting politics to the mix, even if a simpleton big eared amphibian surely wouldn’t be allowed in the chamber of power. Then again, some of our own leaders are less capable perhaps. Game of thrones was meant to be about the lack of unification of humanity, that is a metaphor for our times. The leaders vie for power when there may be nothing left if they don’t wake up. Patriotism and religion. The two steadying factors that have kept societies stable throughout many ages, even though these two elements manage to manipulate many into war as the ultimate duality. The blog on zombies was meant to be about the main group by this season and the next becoming feral, primitive and how their trials and tribulations are making them less human, quick to the kill; what we become when we need to in such a context.

But who would be thinking about the inns and outs of the message in a tv show like game of thrones when there’s a man on a toilet who gets shot with an arrow. It doesn’t matter because there’s a news twitter feed that says ‘teenager dies trying to take the ultimate selfie. Narcissistic suicide. Perhaps like the fable itself the poor youth looked at his smart phone too long and starved to death. What’s narcissism someone once asked me. You saw Iron man 2? Yes. Well, Fury gives him an evaluation that says he’s a typical narcissist. But he probably wasn’t listening to that bit and was waiting for the explosions and property damage porn.

Someone just got a trillion re-tweets for typing the slogan ‘seize the day’ Another got a billion for showing a man rubbing a ladies bits. I’m on the wrong news feed! But why? I put shameless jokes on there along with crazy pictures galore and amuse myself no end. Sometimes I say something about one of my books, all the while realising that whoever is going to even begin to understand Version is unlikely to be posting things like  ‘be calm in your heart’

Meanwhile I just watched a documentary about drone warfare. The plan for the future is to build a drone that runs 24 hours a day that can see via a clever eye composed of hundreds of smart phone cameras to see all and destroy whoever is on that special list. But who wants to know about that for it is for freedom and justice. What a downer eh. I should have taken an interest in alien porn. The top thousand books between best seller novels like the Martian or the stone man and less popular novels are all science fiction erotica. It appears a few of us have a sneaky fantasy for aliens to abduct and possibly probe in an inappropriate manner.

But I’m off to Comic Con in York tomorrow. I’ll take some pictures and post them on a site with a slogan. Be youthful, be agile and stop eating so many cakes.

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