I posted a while back, perhaps over a year ago about the parallels between a show like Game of Thrones and reality and how metaphorically it represents the ignorance of those in power and how they ignore their own pending doom. The school of thought was that the coming Ice age/walkers in the show represents the concept of super nature, that in turn in our reality is of course Global Warming. This idea appears to have gained traction upon the web along with countless other interpretations. Even now towards the end of season 6 there are few people aware of or addressing an unstoppable force while factions or houses fight for a power that in the end will be of no value as the world ends.

But I know what most people are thinking. The Dragon Queen will bring her Horse lord warriors, Her Dragons, armada of ships and save the day. But why? There are a few themes this season that have become amplified. The first is that the rule of Man has caused nothing but misery and the entities of the forest to create the white walkers. Therefore the age of man has brought about his own demise. But no one mentioned the women! Indeed we now have the women of Dawn gearing up to invade Kings Landing. We have The Queen Daenerys or mother of Dragons, Brienne of Tarth and Yara GreyJoy and her Armada of ships now Daenerys’s ships. That isn’t to forget Sansa Stark who will no doubt begin to act more like one born to power having just fed the Bastard Bolton to the dogs; Does wonders for confidence I hear! And last of all Arya Stark just declared she has a face having defeated the T-1000. In this reality men really are failing for all their ills; the age of woman sounds promising. But I doubt that this is the message here.

But what of it? It appears that those who are surviving both male and female, are becoming wiser and stronger, even more compassionate or flexible for the new age that is on its way. But lets cut to the chase here. Daenerys Targaryen will return and have to face the winter, the four horse men and the dead. This will be something everyone has been chomping at the bit for quite some time. Dragons and armies vs zombies and ice demons. But not to spoil things here, Daenerys should not survive.

What have we seen thus far? A fat king dies on a hog hunt and six years of chaos. What happened before that? A king went mad and had to be taken out. And before that? No good has come from kingdoms and royalty. You see even if Daenerys wins and we all cheer, it still comes down to one major problem. The days of Monarchy are gone. Don’t believe me? George R R Martin has plucked left and right from real history to create this master piece. His last message might be that of democracy. All the figure heads of wisdom that have survived the horror and chaos have done so in order to create some form of democratic system that serves the people. Who? The public is who. The ones who die on mass or run south from the north. The public who are engulfed in war as they always are as the elite upper classes scheme and monger.

King Charles the first (of England) was Beheaded upon the completion of the civil war in 1649 by Parliament. George R R Martin knows this as easily as you know there are peanuts in peanut M&M’s. But do you know your history?  Indeed this could be the last nail in the coffin of unexpected twists. Remember in Lord of the Rings when Aragorn became king at the end? Why? Put aside childish fantasies of Kings and Queens and Princes and Princesses and you realise that such a power structure is fascist. Call it a Tsar or Emperor or King or Queen, Game of Thrones Cannot end with a Queen or seven kingdoms. Bum Finger, the Spider, Snow, Sansa and Arya Stark, Brienne of Tarth, especially Tiryan Lannister and more are all living through a sort of Baptism of fire to become an even minded equal standing group of rulers. This is just an idea that sees the Dragon queen stand down or die in order for a more sustainable peaceful future as has been the case in our own history and reality. If something like this should happen and if true, it could be as in the UK so that Daenerys can be a queen that has dragons that attracts tourism…a lot of tourism.


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