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If you want a review of your horror, military or sci fi book, please contact me on email below. I read, articulate and make an effort to post on your site/sales avenue/goodreads etc for free. No other genres please!

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Welcome to the VERSION page. My name is Craig Jenkins and I have already written two books in the series thus far. VERSION and its soon to be released sequel PROSPECT EARTH. I will be releasing the odd chapter on this page soon enough once I have chosen an appropriate place to begin.

As an individual I do wonder how important it is to tell you about myself;hopefully my observations of certain things will be of amusement if not interesting outweighing my vital statistics so to speak. I grew up in South Wales without too much technology or too many distractions and no it is not because it’s Wales but because of my age. I moved to York at the age of 18 and went down numerous paths of occupation and education. Fitness, sport, business, tourism, film, theatre…I studied these and got degrees in some of them too. Basically I’m an information gatherer and moved on to gather more information except without the certificates…I’d had enough of gathering those. Jumping along to the now, it appears I am now doing engineering works for the Bond Street Baker Street tube relining project. But lets not be hasty because for all the occupation jumping like that guy Sam from quantum leap I learned and observed a few things and when you want to write a few things it helps to see how different people from different lives act and think.  Enough of me lets talk about the first book VERSION.

Version is a science fiction thriller series within novels and an upcoming audio pod cast by the end of 2015.

Version is on Amazon through kindle and paperback.

The Shard in version.
The Shard in version.

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